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At a distance of only 15 km from Taranto, Carosino is located in the heart of the western part of the Murge tarantine, in a valley between the municipalities of San Giorgio Ionico, Monteparano, Monteiasi and Grottaglie. It owes its name to Caro Seno, which means “village dear to the Madonna”. During the age of Magna Graecia, it was that an important trading site along the Taranto-Greece axis. Then it declined during the Gothic-Greek war and its inhabitants were scattered all around the territory in hamlets and house-caves; agriculture and pasture were the only productive activities left. In the XV century, Carosino was occupied and destroyed by Skanderbeg’s Albanian armies. The hamlet remained unproductive for almost half a century, a feud of moble local families.
In 1806, when feudalism was abolished in the Reign of Naples, the Duchy of Carosino was controlled by the Berio-Marulli family and it eventually became a Commune (by plebiscite) of the Reign of Italy.
Today, the area includes many masserie (farms), in mostly obtained in old country houses or from the remains of ancient settlements.

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Renowned for its good wine, a wine festival (Sagra del vino) is held in Carosino every year between the end of July and the beginning of August: for the occasion, wine is made to gush from the squares’ fountain for everybody. October is the month of a marketplace for Apulian wines, particularly the local White Malvasia and red Primitivo del Tarantino.
Carosino has a rather valuable artistic heritage, with the Duke’s Palace, built in the XV century by the Simonetta family; a Matrix Church of "Santa Maria delle Grazie", probably built in the XIV century, where visitors may admire a painting of the Madonna of the Rosary, an XVIII century wooden Crucifix and a XVII century fresco on the high altar; the church of St. Francis of Assisi and the monument to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

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Population: 6070
Province: Taranto
Patron Saint: San Biagio (3 febbraio e meta' ottobre)
Area Code: 099
Town website: www.comune.carosino.ta.it

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Updated on: 01/09/2010